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Evolving Harmonies

The Bard Quartet composes and sings along with your complex harmonies! With its 4 channels and integrated keyboard, the Bard Quartet can control up to 4 different instruments which will play together as a harmonious quartet fed by your musical ideas. Even better: the potentiometer allows you to navigate through 8 customisable harmonic progressions, leading to the creation of entire songs!

The Bard Quartet can memorise up to 320 scales (4 channels, 8 harmonies, 10 memory slots). Furthermore it includes highly customisable Microtuning and Arpeggiator options, as well as three assignable inputs and outputs.


• Quad quantizer with user editable and independent scales

• Harmony potentiometer and CV input allowing to easily recall 8 different sets of scales

• User editable microtuning capabilities

• Arpeggiator with control on octave spread and mode

• Octave transposing (-3 to +3 oct)

• Root note (firmware 1.1)

• Shared transpose input (per octave, pre or post quanitzer)

• Shared gate input acting as a track and hold or a reset for the arpeggiators

• Shared trigger output

• Non-volatile memory of 10 slots of 8 harmonies

• Optional input interraction (normalisation or analog shift register)

• V/Oct, Hz/V and Buchla tuning compliant

• Tuning mode generating a precise 0V on every outputs (firmware 1.1)

• Skiff Friendly

• Djtechtools rubber injected potentiometers

• 10 hp wide



Shift Register mode explained

Firmware 1.1 new features

"The design is very neat and I particularly respect that you've brought microtonal tuning to eurorack, this should be an essential feature of any quantiser."

James Holden - Border Community, 2022


Fully assembled Bard Quartet, boxed with user manual.

Ready to use — 415€*

* Price does not include shipping cost.


Know everything about your Bard Quartet with this PDF.


Firmware .bin file & upgrade guide

Upload Software

STM32 Cube Programmer software for uploading the firmware to your Bard Quartet