◊ The Gemini's Path full review is now online !

Check out all the features here : youtu.be/IszlayAwUu4
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Can’t wait for Perfect Circuit to ship mine!

◊ Gemini's Path will be released in a few days ! Reach your favourite dealer to get yours !!!Shakmat - Gemini's Path Stereo and dynamics processor - two VCAs + signal to trigger converter + flexible modulation source = expanding / pumping / panning a... ... See moreSee less

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Dear Shakmat please can you advise if this will be in kit form?

Take my money.

◊ Nice video featuring our Four Bricks Rook module from Zbigniew Mariusz Kowalczyk ! Well done mate !

Hi Guys.
Recently, I spend more time with modules, so today I played with some drums and used the great Quad Trigger Sequence Generator - Four Bricks Rook from Shakmat Modular.
I like this module because you can quickly record and clean the pattern and you do it by tapping the pads. After recording you have the ability to mute and shorten the sequences doing various arrangements. basically you do it so it's great for live or typical improvisations.😄🙃
powerful Kick often gets from Kickall module from the Befaco really powerful sounds ... I added cowbel with reveb from Pico Noise from Erica Synths which generates a lot of sounds and is a really nice module in a small 3HP format.
I also used snare and revers sound from Pico Drums- Erica synths
I got melodies from the C Quencer DLX touch sequencer from Center Village and Synth sound also from C Quencer DLX from the wavetable oscillator built in, but I added only the Pico VCF and Pico EG filter as the envelope.
thanks to this, cool things that I like are created quickly.

#eurorack #modular #shakmatmodular #cquencerdlx #Fourbricksrook #vcf #modularsynth #synthesizer
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